Thursday, October 25, 2012

Candy & Costumes

I always look forward to Halloween for 3 reasons:

First, the candy! I have such a big sweet tooth for all candy especially for chocolate. I would die if I could visit Hershey, Pennslyvania: the Sweetest Place on Earth and relax at the Chocolate Spa.

Second, the little kids in their Halloween costumes. They are so darn cute! I am so excited to hand out candy next week and see all of their adorable costumes.

And third, I love the challenge of creating a Halloween costume and spending little to no money on it :) Today I thought I'd share some of my favorite Halloween costumes...


Dress: Borrowed
Red Flats (not shown): Borrowed
Money spent on costume: $0


Necklace: Mom's vintage necklace + blue ribbon
Dress: Borrowed
Money spent = $0

Katy Perry

Tank top: Own
Shorts: Own
Sunglasses: Borrowed
Lollipops: $10
Money spent = $10

 What's your favorite Halloween costume you've worn?

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