Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Sister Weekend

This past weekend, I drove up north to visit my younger sister. The weekend was some time for just the two of us. It was a time for T to escape school and a time for me to escape work. Before we went off to college, T was always by my side; we did everything together. And now we're more independent and do less together. So I was really looking forward to this trip. It was a Sister Weekend!


Like our mother, T and I are both like to plan so prior to the weekend we had already planned everything to a tee. We spent most of our time not in the US but Canada! Even though this was my second time traveling to Canada, it felt like my first. I was so nervous when we crossed the border. Thank goodness T drove and knew what to say!

Our first stop was at the Suspension Bridge:

We are 160 feet high from the Lynn Canyon. Surprisingly, I wasn't scared and managed to walk across it without screaming.

Next, we visited the famous Stanley Park:

This was by far my favorite place in Canada. It was such a beautiful day in Vancouver!

 The sun was out, there was no chance of rain and the water sparkled like a million diamonds. It reminded me of Central Park in New York. I wanted to stay there forever.

This photo was taken by: 604 Now

We were only in Canada for the day so we had to leave and drive off to our next destination: the mall. Wow! Canada sure knows how to built a mall! It was by far the biggest mall I've been to with over 450 shops. I had the time of my life discovering all of the great Canadian clothing stores. After 4 hours of shopping, we were exhausted and ready to eat.

We made our last stop in Richmond for dinner at Shiang Garden (which was the fanciest Chinese restaurant I've ever set foot in). We ordered shrimp wonton soup and beef chow fun. It was the best way to end the day.

I had the best time with my sister this weekend. This trip was so much fun! The weekend flew by and before I knew it I was driving back home. I'm so glad T suggested going to Canada. There's so many things to do there. I wasn't able to do everything... Next time I plan a vacation, you know where I'll be :) See you later Canada, I'll be back!