Friday, February 21, 2014

Galentine's Day


My loves, did you enjoy Valentine's Day last week? I hope everyone felt the love in some way or another with a hug, kiss, sweet message or my favorite, chocolate.

Last week was difficult for me especially after watching the movie "Her". Normally, this holiday doesn't bother me but for some reason I had a hard time accepting the fact that I couldn't celebrate it with the boy. I've been in a long distance relationship for nearly 4 years now. As a young lady whose celebrated Valentine's Day long distance many times, it's hard. It's hard not to compare your relationship with all the couples who get to see each other and celebrate this loving holiday together. But I'm hopeful that one day we will get to be one of those couples.

This year, I celebrated Galentine's Day with my girl friend, Allison. Allison and I spent a perfect evening in Seattle catching up over Molly Moon's ice cream. It was exactly what we needed after a long week of school (for her) and work (for me). Over the years, I've learned that Valentine's Day isn't about celebrating with your significant other. It's about sharing love with the people you love including family and friends. I'm so thankful for friends like Allison that love me, accept me and keep me company. Thank you Allison for being my Galentine! All my love, Kara

"A friend is our truest blessing. God's way of proving he doesn't really wish for us to walk alone."

On Kara:                                   
Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: Old Navy
Heels: Forever 21
Wallet: Kate Spade

On Allison:
Jacket: YesStyle
Jeans: Nordstrom
Boots: Nordstrom

Photography by: Ryan Yanagihara

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  1. These photos are so fun. It definitely sounds like you had a great time. As always, you have such a gorgeous smile! Happy Friday to you :)